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*Room rate:

- Peak season:

  • Normal days: 550.000vnd
  • Weekends   : 550.000vnd

- Low season:

  • Normal days : 550.000vnd
  • Weekends    : 550.000vnd

- Holiday surcharge:

Western New Year 

 31/12 to 3/1

Surcharge 100.000vnd/room

Lunar New Year

28/12 to 05/01

Surcharge 100.000vnd/room

Hero King's death anniversary

Surcharge 100.000vnd/room

Liberation day in the south 30/4,

International Labor1/5

Surcharge 100.000vnd/room

Indefendence day 2/9

Surcharge 100.000vnd/room


Surcharge 100.000vnd/room

another days



*Number of room: 8

*Acreage: 22 m2

*Number of beds: a double bed

*Size of bed: 1,6x2M

*Maximum of peoples: 2 adults

*Facilities: TV, air conditional, fan, water tank, fridger, dryer, makeup table, coffee table, wardrobe, slipers, free wifi.